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CompuTrack OmniVision
360-Degree Visual Monitoring System

Assure the safety and security of vehicles (e.g., recreational vehicles [RVs], motor coaches, school buses, trucks of all sizes, etc.) with the CompuTrack OmniVision system featuring an easy-to-use computer and GPS [Global Positioning System] system combined.  Three cameras monitor side and rear surroundings of the vehicle (an optional, fourth camera can provide a front view, as desired) to provide a continuous view of the environment immediately surrounding the vehicle.  CompuTrack's picture-in-picture mode permits several views to be simultaneously seen, an optional recorder can record events in real-time, as warranted.

The CompuTrack OmniVision system, extensively tested in the field for over two years, is readily customizable to your specific needs and requirements.  You may choose either to integrate the CompuTrack OmniVision system with existing display systems; specify desired screen sizes, desired in-dash systems, or anything else--and CompuTrack will deliver, because each installation is customized to one's unique requirements.

As an engineering leader of vehicular, visual-protection systems for safety and security, CompuTrack's commitment to your requirements is unparalleled, its trained staff of systems-design & -installation experts are ready to serve you; just give us a call!  

"Technology at the Wheel"


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