CompuTrack LLC -- Union Grove, Alabama, U.S.A.           

"Technology at the Wheel"


The standard CompuTrack OmniVision system, which is fully customizable, includes:

  • A full-function, fully upgradeable computer with DVD and wireless keyboard.
  • A state-of-the-art GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation system.
  • CompuTrack's three-camera system providing high-resolution, left- and right-side and rear views (a fourth camera for the front view is available as an optional extra).
  • Audible GPS directions when the camera mode is activated.
  • One-touch toggling between GPS and camera views.
  • A standard, easy-to-read, 15-inch, high-resolution LCD monitor (NOTE:  Other sizes are readily available, as needed).
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) capability, sound card, and loudspeaker.
  • Optional Satellite Weather System is available.

Directionally operated cameras automatically show the rear view when the vehicle is operating in reverse and appropriate side views when the left- or right-hand blinker is activated.

The CompuTrack OmniVision system has demonstrated high-quality, reliable service without exception, for over two years.  Whether your need is for one vehicle or a commercial fleet of vehicles or as an "add-on" to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) production of vehicles; let CompuTrack be your preferred source for this proven visual-protection system.  Fixed-location systems are available, too.

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