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"Technology at the Wheel"

Sales & Service

The CompuTrack OmniVision system is exceedingly easy to install and use--hundreds of installations have proven this to be true.

After each customized system is designed and buillt to the customer's specifications, that system need only be positioned and secured in place and the power connections made for that system to be fully operational.  The easy installation and CompuTrack's dedicated commitment to "service after the sale" have enabled CompuTrack to realize a 100% customer-satisfaction rate, to date.

Questions?  Comments?  Problems?  If so, just call our resident service staff (no outsourcing here!) to assist you with your concerns--we are here for you!

Thus far, the CompuTrack OmniVision system has been in service in motorhomes of a national manufacturer of RVs and CompuTrack's record of ongoing quality,  reliability, and customer service in support of those installations is flawless, without exception.  References are readily available and can be furnished, upon request, as desired.

Let CompuTrack help you achieve greater peace of mind, safety, and security for your vehicles, day or night, rain or shine, whether they are on the road or parked at your destination.  We'll look out for you!

"Technology at the Wheel"

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